Mar. 2nd, 2009

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1. Result of my fall down the stairs Friday: I sprains my ankle... the one that wasn't hurting until yesterday. Don't ask me, I just inhabit this body. Seriously, I was standing in the kitchen and my ankle just decided it had had enough and DO NOT STAND ON ME, started turning brown, and swelling. The sweetheart of a doctor at the minor med things I sprained it when I fell on Friday, but my body was so busy dealing with the other damage for the past two days that it just finally caught up to it yesterday. He did some x-rays to rule out a break (OUCH!) and now I get to wear a snazzy ankle splint with 'athletic or other supportive shoes' and limit mobility for a few weeks. Extra boo- no bouncing at Flogging Molly on Friday (but don't think for a second that I'm not going!). Extra issue just for me: all of my work pants require heels since I'm too tall for petites and too short for regular pants (solution high heels). I can't wear heels for at least 3 weeks. What the heck do I wear that doesn't break the dress code? (Yes, I know it is high time I should get my pants hemmed anyway, but even then I would normally hem them for dress shoes with at least a one inch heel.)

2. I still drove to work today (forgot to mention that it is my RIGHT ankle). You see- Hu is driving me the rest of the week, but he needed to leave for work at 5:30 this morning. That is too early for me to get to work. And Audio pretty much refused last night to get up and drive me (I NEED to be at work by 8 and Hu could get me home) since it was his 'one day off'). By the time I got there I wanted to cry. It was stupid. It was because I was too proud to call around for another ride. But after the person I feed didn't want to drive me, I didn't have the stamina to keep trying. Just, no spoons left last night.

3. No, I think that actually about covers it since Friday. I'm dressed like a doofus. I drove using my sprained ankle- and I didn't realize I even sprained it for two days because everything else hurt so much from falling down the stairs of my own doing.
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Happy Birthday ShadeSong

Even though you didn't get the Birthday you planned, I hope you get the day you need :)

check your email....


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