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I just finished a book on world economics and globalization. I wanted to reread 'Watchmen', but couldn't find my copy. Did I borrow it all those years ago? Maybe. So I decide to buy a new copy. Hu also asks me to pick up a copy of an organizational management book. I already have one of those in my stack to read (a fun one- 'The No Asshole Rule'). Now things are dangerous- I have to go to the bookstore alone and buy two books. It never stops at two. Hu should have known that. What do I walk away with on Saturday afternoon...

-Watchmen (of course- of which I have already finished re-reading and we finally went to the movies and watched yesterday) I am now reading the Asshole book (halfway done)
-Hu's book- The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team (which I was supposed to read for work a year ago, but none of mgmt really follows anyway, so I'll get to it when I get to it)
-Bones (a book on forensic anthropology practice)
-Righteous Porkchop (agricultural theory condemning big farming like of meat)

And I still have a stack of books at home (including East Asian Literature, the Obama memoirs- just stuff I haven't been in the mood for right now).

For once I avoided going around the cookbook section and I wasn't in he mood for popular fiction (note books waiting at home). So I went from the graphic novel section to the social sciences to business back to true crime to medicine (I always check for neuroscience books- no luck this time, like usual), to the computer (no Valente in stock- only online). This time I also skipped philosophy and there was nothing compelling for me in cultural studies or biography. So- four books, only two extra. And Hu still gave me THE LOOK. I mean- HE sent me there.

Look upon me- I am a genre jumper and I fear there is no cure. I want to know everything. I want to fix my own brain and learn everything that's wrong with big farming and the global economy. I want to solve crimes like Bones does on tv, but I know there is no glamour in it- just stench and sadness and hopefully closure for loved ones. I want to read graphic novels all day and read Asian novels dream of India and the East and what it is like to be a woman there. I want time to read it all to learn it all. I want to split myself into a million bits and learn and experience it all at once.

I have these magical weekends of clarity when the neuro drugs let me read and I try to cram in as many words as I can. And then I'll have weeks of shadow. But right now all I want are words like oceans. Knowledge like air. And I can't be satisfied with one genre, one author. I want to explore all the facets of my intellect at once. While it is working I have to take advantage of this chance. Because it will stop working again at some point. Until then, I'll put as much information in my brain as it will take and connect as many neuropathways as I can so that the disease has to work that much harder to tear it down.

That and I'm just that damn curious about everything around me.

Ego and Stubborness and Curiousity. Will to fight. Will to grow. Will to survive.


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