Mar. 5th, 2009

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Dear Co-worker,

I know I may have over-reacted to your third day of nagging and criticism yesterday. But exacting revenge on me by scheduling a meeting today in the other building, on the far side, anf not providing a conference bridge is cruel and makes me really believe you are the ass that I only felt in anger yesterday when you were acting like one in frustration over a system issue C and I had handled if only you would listen to us. The fact that neither you nor the two other people in our building who were going to the same meeting offered to drive me over leads me to believe you are all thoughtless twits. I really didn't enjoy my 'workout' dealing with the multiple doorways (not ADA compliant), walk across the parking lot- including down a dirt slop through a hedgegate with no railing- and then through the other building. Then having everyone in the meeting stare at me while I caught my breath was really stellar. What was even better was walking back alone and getting back to my area and almost blacking out from exhaustion (I hadn't eaten anything, I'm on too many meds- don't ask). At least then some of my other co-workers helped me get to my desk. To think I once liked you, dear sir.

No love,


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