Jan. 30th, 2009

fortunavirilis: (Breakfast- Miyazaki Style)
Today has a good deal of promise. It is Friday, so I got to wear jeans to work (always a plus). My shoulder is starting to feel better (and the casual clothes help a bit with the comfort level). My big boss is taking a group of us to lunch to celebrate the completion of a small project. Granted this is a month late- but better late than never (he had a personal issue come up that delayed him and I totally understand). I get to leave work early. Granted- it is because I have a neuro appointment, but I'm catiously optimistic that we'll actually get somewhere this week. Third time is the charm- right? And we have even more data to work from after my seizures last week (and my detailed log of the events).

Plus- for the next five days I get my house back since Audio will be staying at a hotel while his girlfriend is visiting. I get my comfy chair and can roam around in my pjs. I don't have to be ON or pretend to be okay when I'm not. Plus- the food bill this week will be cheaper (extra bonus)!

The only bad part is that it is the last day for my favorite consultant. But I'm going to stay positive about that too. I mean- I have no control over that. And they really do need her- so maybe they'll work something out.

So keeps your fingers crossed for my coworker and my doctor's appointment. Everything else I have covered today :)

Now to find some breakfast...


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