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Apr. 22nd, 2009 09:48 am
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We having a running joke that I should change my Facebook default userpic to this one (me with Ben Folds). It IS a better photograph of me than most of the other recent photos of me that I have. But here's the catch and the humor, many of the people who find and friend me on Facebook haven't seen me in years (12 or more). And that is how they learn that I'm married. So, unless they know Ben Folds (and know what he looks like), they will probably- at least initially- assume that it is a photo of me with my HUSBAND. In fact, even some of my relatives on facebook who haven't friended Hu will think it is him until they find Hu, frind him and then get confused. We (me, my husband, Audio, just about most of my college friends I talk to regularly) find this hilarious.

So, knowing the confusion it will cause- should I do it anyway?


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