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If Ben Folds had written it back then, and you had had the maturity to listen to it- you would have listened to Cologne and known that THAT was your breakup song with T. All the drama swirled around you- you caused it, but it wasn't about that. You both just had to let go. All the other songs from eight and a half years ago were just the drama leading up to the breakup. That is the song. T was better for it. You were better and not in the long run (it never would have worked, but he needed to be set free from you), but that's how you always are.

Flash forward:

And now, again, Way to Normal is about you letting go of all the regrets of compromising for the past few years. You're breaking up with parts of yourself that aren't genuine and finding the parts you've buried for a while. You're finding the way back to 'normal', which isn't anyone else's normal but your own.


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