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1. Day Three of Generic Topamax (Toprimate) and nothing seems to have changed. This is a very good thing. I'll update again after vacation. This is a bad week for a med change, but the insurance leaves me no choice (it was pay $500 or take the generic).

2. I MUST make myself eat some small snacks during the day even if I'm not hungry. Yes, the Topamax (toprimate) zaps my appetite at this dosage (as it originally did at the lower dosage before that stopped working), but no food also screws with my med levels and makes me wonked out or actually increases my risk for seizures- double edged sword that is.

3. I need to call the insurance company's medical advocate to find a new doctor. My coworker confirmed that she left my doc since he screwed with her meds (like he's doing with mine) and never checked her blood levels (like with me) and she wound up in the hospital. I definitely don't want that. And I want an epilepsy specialist, not just a neuro. So- the advocate should be able to help with that. That goes on the list for Tuesday when I get back.

But all in all- this mix/dosage seems to be 'right' for the moment even with the generic swap this week. I know it will need to be adjusted at some point, but I'm hopeful today.


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