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On the plus side, with the meds balancing out and some things falling in to place I've started to read again and listen to new music again.

On the downside, the just switched one of my neuro meds to a generic without my consent and in order to get the name brand I'd have to pay over $200 a month for the one med. I have to try the generic to see if it is the same- even though the dose can legally be as much as 20% off. I'm hoping it is just fine, but I JUST got my med dosages in proper working order. So I am more than a little leary. And I didn't even find out until I went to pick up my meds- which is technically illegal in Florida, but the tech would not budge on the fact that they didn't have to call me and ask if the generic is okay (they do). My doctor didn't write 'no generic' on the prescription because there was no generic when the prescription was written (this was a refill)- but Florida law still states patients must consent to generics on anti-epileptic medications. Harump.

Anyway- I just hope that I don't go through another month of side-effect adjustment with the new generic or gain new cognitive side effects. The focus I've gained with my med balance is like the 'old me' and I'be missed it so much.

Back to loading Calpurnia (the ipod) for our vacation... is 4 days worth of music too much choice for a 10 hour drive?


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