Apr. 3rd, 2009

fortunavirilis: (Ben Folds)
So, last night was the Jukebox the Ghost/ Ben Folds show. Ben Folds! (finally after 10 years) One Angry Dwarf and Two Hundred Solemn Faces in DOUBLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE TIME with not a note missed!!!!!!!! And Ben is a sweetie pie when you meet him (perk of being married to the venue GM), although I would not want to be his piano- he beats the daylights out of that thing (no wonder it needed to be tuned twice- once when it showed up and once after rehearsal). It is for a great cause though. 'Trusted' went over well because that was a shouted request that he wasn't planning on doing. And he actually riffed so many things that he ran over the time that his promoter wanted him to do (Hu said he was supposed to end 20 minutes earlier). He pulled a few 'retired' songs out since he doesn't come to South Florida normally. Silliest part for me as a theatre girl... song goes to a drum solo- he gets up and starts running all over the huge stage, gets back to his microphone and explains 'I just had to explore a little because this stage is so big. I mean really, WHY IS THIS STAGE SO BIGGGGGGGGGG? I might do that again. Be warned!' So cute.

I also really liked Jukebox the Ghost. The crowd did too. They were funny and were a really good match to open for Ben.

Downside- I didn't get home until 1:30 and had to be at work at normal time. But it was totally worth it. Totally.

Now- to home and rest....


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