Mar. 27th, 2009

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As I may I previously mentioned, I decided to give up on the crutches this week and just walk lightly on the ankle (still with the brace). Yesterday I started driving again. I'd been expected all week for the fatigue to set in at some point. Tonight was that night. I got home and took the dogs out, sat down to read for a while before eating dinner and watching the first round of the sweet sixteen. The next thing I knew, the phone was ringing at 9:30 and Hu was calling to tell me he was on the way home. I guess the spoons ran out. I couldn't even stay awake to eat some dinner- good thing I had a reasonable size lunch. At least the exhaustion spared me seeing Memphis and Duke lose (not that they actually SHOWED the Memphis-Mizzou game....Grrr).

Today the office is alarmingly quite. I just don't know what to do. I did get to see a lovely woodpecker doing his woodpecker thing on the palm tree outside my cubicle area's corner window. I'm not sure there is much food for the little guy in a palm tree, but there is evidence he's been there before. It is intermittently easy to forget the lovely world outside our office (a block from the beach) and depressing that we never get to go out there during the day on quite days like this.

It is especially quite today since I'm mostly waiting on other people to approve and test my work or to collaborate on ongoing work items. This leaves me with a little more free time than I am accustomed to- and not enough spoons to use it for the heavy lifting open items that I should be starting (which granted CAN wait until next week). I definitely have a case of the Fridays.

My mental state is greatly compounded by the fact that it finally sunk in that two weeks from today I'll actually be out of state on vacation with no cell phone reception. NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION!!! I haven't been able to say that since my honeymoon over five years ago- and I actually lied then (I just didn't want to pay the international roaming charges and it was intermittent reception). I only have to get through a week and a half and then I can actually relax without coworker or family or the stupid housemate asking me for anything. I have no idea where the last three months went, but I am so thrilled about this upcoming vacation that I don't actually care right now. I am actually going on vacation with friends. Friends and the dogs! This I can handle.

Now if I can just focus for the next little bit...
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We have:
cremini mushrooms (they are the best ever)
yukon gold potatoes
rainbow chard
green lettuce
cherry tomatoes (I can smell them from here!)
strawberries (a quart this time instead of a pint!)
gala apples
string beans
zucchini, so I may try making my grandma's zucchini bread since I don't LOVE zucchini in general
and beets- always the beets. I am running out of things to DO with beets. I know they are good for me. But I need new beet recipes. This time they are the regular red beets. I need beet ideas or Hu is going to start throwing the beets at me. And, no, he doesn't like borscht (although maybe I should make that and bring it for lunch with some sour cream).

NOM-NOM-NOM I love spring time in Florida!!!


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