Mar. 17th, 2009

fortunavirilis: (Everything's gonna be alrighted (SA))
I had my appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday (yes- two weeks after the minor medical visit). Fun times. I got my ankle poked and twisted. He checked my wrists and my other ankle (just to be safe since they hurt now from walking on crutches for two weeks). I got new x-rays. And that is where it got interesting. It seems I MAY have a hairline fracture of my ankle in the spot with the highest level of pain. So, I get to go for an MRI of my ankle tomorrow to see if I have the fracture and to analyze the ligament damage. This should be interesting since every other MRI I've ever had (and that would be many) have been of my brain. Do they put you in the machine backwards? Send you all the way through to the other side? I have no idea. Anyway... I then have a follow-up appointment with the doctor the next morning. In the meantime, I get to stick with the stupid air splint and crutches plus a sidecar of percoset for when the pain becomes too much. But because percoset makes me a loopy looney, I can't take it at work. So it is my nighttime silly med. At least it actually dulls the pain from RAR! to rar for a while. Yesterday it also knocked me out cold for hours. He was also kind enough to write me a note saying I can't walk to meetings (they have to let me call in) at work. Hurray- no crutching to the other building. I still think I need the space boot, because the air splint isn't helping. Hu thinks that the doc is just being cautious until after the MRI.

I am glad the doc said I was right to come in- that I should be getting better by now (and I'm not). I wasn't crazy or a wimp.

Now if only Hu would clean the house as a get well gift for me before Thursday since a co-worker has to drive me home and is coming in to get the dogs and walk them for me. I know- keep dreaming.


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