Mar. 10th, 2009

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My cute look for today:

-Merrel Red Slip on Suede Shoes (more appropriate for dog walking than the office, but still quite clean)
-Dog Print Socks (hidden by pants and splint)
-Ankle Splint
-The black pants that I hate, but don't require heels (I only own three pairs of work pants that don't require heels- I really need to go shopping if this is really going to last 2-5 more weeks. I miss my other pants)
-White tunic top
-Wrist guards with metal braces to help with the pain from the crutches
-Black medieval style necklace
-Red and gold shawl
-Extra bonus for anyone who would know that since I'm at work I also have on my Kennedy space center lanyard with my (non-Kennedy Space Center) work id and security badge

Suggestions for cute pants that go with flats and also supportive flat shoes stretchy enough for the splint to fit in???

My everything hurts from walking with the crutches and compensating for the sprained ankle. The sprained ankle also still hurts. Hu called my primary doctor who said I don't need a referral for an orthopedist and is faxing him a list of ones they recommend. So- I get a trip to another doctor. I'm hoping I can get an air boot/walking cast instead of the stirrup thing I have now that allows for too much mobility and not enough support. Maybe then I could get off the crutches (even if I still couldn't drive).

Positives- I have lost two pounds in a week without watching what I'm eating. Granted- I've eaten a bunch of veggies and fruit. But I've also eaten a bunch of junk/garbage food because I've been in a rush (McDonalds-yuck- on the way to the concert Friday), grilled cheese as comfort food. We even had steak Sunday night as a special treat with sunchokes and grilled eggplant (although I didn't eat a lot). So, I am dead tired by the end of the day, but I am building muscle with all of this forced exercise and losing weight to boot. The latest craze- the crutch workout! (no offense to those permanently disabled- I'm just trying to get through the next month with humor)

Major negative- I'm so tired at night I just want to go to bed and not eat a lot. But I need to eat to keep my meds in balance. Consequence of not eating right- I had a major seizure last night. My face started jerking and it started moving in a jacksonian march down my arms, etc. Hu ran and got me a clonazapam. I almost choked swallowing the pill, but I did it. Total seize series time start to finish- about seven minutes. Without the pill, I think it would have been a trip to the ER. Hu says he suspected I was going to seize all night because I kept falling asleep and then waking up saying one sentence and then falling back asleep (starting at like 7pm). I thought I was just exhausted. This is was basically like my reaction to the Zoloft before I was diagnosed with epilepsy (that would be in 2006, back in Memphis- I was diagnosed in 2007)- teeth chattering, then whole face, then back, then moving down my arms, then it started down my body (here I got the pill), then it kept going a little, then it slowly started to receed. I think it was myoclonic jerks in a massive cluster. Hu thinks I was going to go in to a tonic clonic seizure if he didn't stop it. I don't know. We're also debating the total length of the seizing. Hu says seven minutes. I don't remember it being that long. Did I lose awareness? Was it worse than I remember? I don't know.

I hurt all over today. And I, for once, am happy that with the sprained ankle I can't drive right now (no spoons to spare for that). I just have to get through work and I can go home and relax. We're making sausage and peppers tonight. Yum! I refuse to be too tired for that.


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