Mar. 4th, 2009

fortunavirilis: (I kill you with my eyes)
So, there's the You Tube vidio being passed around the web and now being shown on the major media sites and morning news programs. It is called something like 'Sleeping dog runs in to wall'. Hahaha! Let's all laugh at another dumb dreaming dog. Even Hu admitted that he might have thought it was funny a few years ago, but... He had to pause the tivo and rewind it to make sure I saw it this morning and we both stared at the video in mute horror. The dog first had a classic canine tonic clonic seizure and then wandered the room in post-ictal state at which point it walked in to the wall- because it was confused and possibly briefly blind and was almost definitely afraid. How do I know- I've seen my Cassi do this a dozen times. Sometimes that state lasts for hours, sometimes she gets agressive because she doesn't understand and her fear becomes self-defense. I can see the average non-veternary educated web viewer laughing. But did NONE of the media outlets run the video by a vet? Clearly not. It was insensitive to owners of epileptic dogs, bad information to owners of dogs who may have a seizure in the future, and just plain cruel to the poor dog whose illness was being used for entertainment by stupid owners who most likely were not getting it the care it needed.

For what it is worth- I'd like to beat all of them with my crutch, but I'm at least going to write the media outlets a few letter since they should know better (and the You Tube site mgmt). That dog needs medical, not media attention.


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