Mar. 3rd, 2009

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Ankle is very much of the ouch. I need cruches just to walk, but then the shoulder is very much of the ouch too. I'm supposed to only take the pain killer (nothing too deadly, just what I think is prescription strength aleve or something similar) with food (there are like fourteen labels telling me this), but I can't carry the food back from the office fridge while on the crutches. And Hu didn't bother to pack me a lunch today. He did drop me off at work today- at 7am. So I am kinda hungry and sleepy and definitely ouchy. Plus it is freezing in here because we live in Florida and who puts heat in Florida offices, but it was only in the low forties this morning (yes, I know half of you will say that is warm where you are). And I'm starting to get very cranky. Want food so I can take my meds. Want to stop answering why I have the ugly crutches that I don't even know how to use properly. Want to just be a normal grownup that isn't made of FAIL lately.

But this too shall pass.

EDIT: Just want to say that I mustered the courage to go heat up some breakfast and a coworker not only helped me get it back to my desk, but also helped me adjust the handles on my crutches. Now I can actually use them properly- not only as defense mechanisms (I really wanna smash another coworker right now, but I'm using my super powers of silence instead), but as honest to goodness crutches (leaning on the handles, not the underarm parts! And I can take my pain killer now. So, yes- this really will pass.
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My day today:

'Why are you on crutches?'
'I sprained my ankle.'
'I fell down the stairs.'
'Did your husband push you?'
'No.' (Thoughts of how inappropriate that question is from people who don't know you very well.)

Repeat this conversation 30 times

'Why are you on crutches...
'Did your husband push you?'
'Yes, but he didn't do enough damage so he smashed my ankle too.'

Repeat THIS conversation 30 more times

'Why are you on crutches?'
'I find excruciating pain and carrying my weapons around in a non-threatening manner too much fun to leave for outside the office.'

Yes, there are about 65 people in my IT area. Two stopped at sprained ankle and asked how they could help me today (one adjusted my crutches to the ideal height, one gave me crutch walking lessons). Some chose conversation A, but were still somewhat nice- I think they wanted to make me laugh. No one offered to go buy me lunch (so I'm starving). Most people chose conversation B and I'm now intentionally avoiding because I am totally grumpy.

Oh- and I'm glad I work in IT and not HR anymore and conversation C will stay in my department. It totally shut that guy up and he completely deserved it. He'd been hounding me all day and caused me to carry a bunch of crap to a conference room without helping me (luckily I brought my over the shoulder laptop back, but still). Jerk!

I have yet to smash anyone with a crutch. It isn't from lack of desire.


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