Feb. 27th, 2009

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Hu and I stopped spreading our money around a dozen or so eateries a while ago. Instead we focused on our favorites- basically one dinner place we adore and a weekend beachy breakfast/brunch place to just chill out at. We occassionally throw in Dune Dogs for the beachside hot dog or the bagel place, but we have become creatures of habit. And this is for reason, 'our place' knows us. When Hu grabs the occassional take out instead of us dining in they know I am having a bad night and ask after me. If they accidentally make an extra tuna roll (sashimi grade tuna wrapped in basil and thin layer of wonton wrapper and then flash seared - it goes to us). The staff knows us, we chat when we are there- and it is just a great comfy Florida vibe with to die for food.

Last night- icing on the cake. When they opened last year (this establishment- the original has been open for years a few miles away, but it has hours long waits and this one is a mile and a half from our house- in our neighborhood and they always get us a table), they had this odd sound but wonderful appetizer called 'pork wings' (Yendi- I'm thinking of you here). They were, well like giant ribs in jerk seasoning, but juicy and over a fruit salad with hints of srirachi. Yum. Then one day they were gone and we weeped. Well, last night we were chatting with George (the exec chef and co-owner) about his visit to South Beach Food and Wine and then the lack of pork wings came up. AND HE SAID IF WE CALLED ON A MONDAY AND SAID WHAT DAY WE WERE COMING IN HE'D PUT THEM ON THE MENU FOR US AS A SPECIAL. He just needed enough notice to order the port. OMG, we go enough that George will adjust the specials menu for us!!! I loved this place before, but now- best place ever.

So, if you are Jupiter, Florida and like either Seafood or Garlic Mac-n-Cheese (indironi) then get your butt to Leftovers (and give us a call because we are always up for a trip). If you tell us a week ahead we can even get you some pork wings too...
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So, everything was going mostly fine beyond the fact that I'm on day four on the headache that will not die (med change, cold- no clue). I'm all ready to head downstairs to go to work and then bam, I'm falling down the stairs. I managed to catch myself on the banister to the next landing up. I have no idea if I just lost my balance (because the meds make me a clutz) or because I had a myoclonic seizure. Now my shoulder is throbbing and my legs are killing me from where I landed. I refusse to check for bruises because I AM A TOUGH GIRL (TM). And I have to sit at work and pretend like nothing happened, but hope I don't fall down again.



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