Feb. 12th, 2009

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I have been making a concerted effort for the last few months to greatly increase my fruit and vegetable intake (although focusing on veggies). This has been pretty easy since our Saturday morning routine is to get a cup of coffee and go to the neighborhood green market (that will last through May). This has lead to lots of 'adventures in cooking' as we try to figure out what to do with vegetables I have never seen before, but insisted on buying because they were weird or shiny. Romanesco brocolli has been a smashing success. Who doesn't like to eat fractals? Sunchokes were a win (quick saute and then roast in oven- yum). Kohlrabi was a so-so experience, but I think I bought ones that were too big and therefore not as tender. I think we'll try again. I even got Hu to eat golden beets (and he is notorious for being picky about veggies). All the produce is either organic and local or (since it is off season for lots of things) organic and from the US. The market guy has a buying group he runs and I had originally hesitated to do that- what if we didn't eat everything each week? I have a great adversion to food going to waste. But we are eating it all. So we've joined and will get our box of veg every week, plus supplement with the 'odd' veggies at the market. That is- unless he just sends to odd stuff to begin with since he'll tailor boxes if he knows you.

For meat, I am trying very hard to only do organic and grass fed stuff. I don't know of an independant supplier here, so that comes from the Greenwise section of Publix or Whole Foods. It is more expensive, but I can't bring myself to eat Tyson or any of the other big suppliers since it tastes bad to me now.

And the cool thing of all of this- I've always had an adventurous, fairly well developed palate. But now Hu can taste the differences in food quality too. He still wants junky comfort food sometimes, but mostly he wants the good stuff (and we all have our junky vices).

All this is to say that we're trying really hard (especially now that I'm off the med with the 'weight loss' side effect and on the one with the 'weight gain' side effect- that makes it all the more important). What I need is ideas for healthy grains and starches since Hu likes a starch with his meal. We eat sweet potatoes as a starch much of the time (and he thought sunchokes worked as a 'starch' too texturally). Whole wheat couscous has been successfully too (as has brown rice, although that takes time we don't have during the week). But mashed potatoes probably don't have much nutritional content. So what can I try (knowing that I have a sometimes picky eater in the house that is getting better, but isn't perfect yet)? And what am I missing in my diet here?


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