Feb. 10th, 2009

fortunavirilis: (Howl- Never Alone)
Today the entire left side of my body feels like I fell down a flight of stairs and landed on it. Ouch. I did have enough myoclonic seizures last evening to take an extra dose of Klonopin. But I don't think that would cause me to hurt this badly- unless I kept seizing on on that side (which would be unusual- it is generally either a huge shrug-like motion or one arm jerks). So, why do I hurt- I dunno. I just know it is really horrible right now sitting at my desk. Hu thinks that the KeppraXR/Klonopin/Lyrica combo isn't working. It may not be at this dose. But the doc seems faster to change meds than change doses. But I think I'm going to refuse to change meds (except if he swaps me back to Topomax from Lyrica) and demand he look at my dosage instead. Everything (except the Keppra) seems really low even for adjunct meds. My appointment is on the 20th, so we'll see.

The pain/super-dizzy spells/drunk walk combined with the general negative atmosphere at work right now are greatly tempting me to just want to go home and call it a sick day. But I also don't want to waste my sick days/vacation. Not sure what I'll do- probably tough it out and leave my ipod on all day so people leave me alone. Do not mess with super ouchy Fortuna!!!

I'm just going to focus on getting through this week so that I can have a relaxing weekend, watch some college basketball, finally get the story idea that's been growing in my head down on the page (OMG- story!). Oh- and go out to eat on Monday night for v-day/Hu's birthday. I hate crowds and we originally thought Hu would need to work on v-day (night), so it is Monday for us at the only chain place I actually like- The Melting Pot.

I can get through this for cheese and chocolate!!! I can get through this to write my story. I can get through this because I am tougher than all of this.


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