Jan. 28th, 2009

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Either the meds or my seizures are causing my aphasia to go in to overdrive. Plus I'm substituting words like hear for here (which, of course, spell check does not catch). So, I am taking this opportunity to apologize to anyone who actually readys this blog. I, myself, hate those sorts of grammar errors. Reading my previous posts is painful right now, but I don't have the patience or time to edit even the errors my brain does process days after the fact.

If you visit me at home don't be confused when I call the ottoman 'the futon' (which we actually have in another room and I correctly call a futon) and call any of the clocks 'lamps', although I also call lamps 'lamps'). Hu has just learned to reprocess what I say with those two items (and use context and watch my eyes to see what I mean). Consider this a mystery hunt- find the brain damage and point it out to me in my writings. I'd love to learn what other wacky things I consistently substitute. I actually find this fascinating.

So- mea culpa, my darlings, if my typing errors drive you batty. This is my life.
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I'm trying to decide where to go this weekend to take some more photographs. Last weekend it was hiking. It is still too cool for the beach (hush, you Yanks- it is TOO too cold!). I also need to get about ten rolls of old 35mm developed. But I'm actually having fun with the basic Nikon digital instead of my full SLR. It is lighter and faster. But I miss having the control and the versatility. I really want a digital SLR to play with. I hadn't realized how much I missed taking photographs. I have no idea why I went almost six months without a shot. No, scratch that, I do- working the hours I did the only time I was home was at night and I was either too tired or did't have access at night to what I like to shoot (nature shots, etc). So, I'm trying to get out each weekend to take some shots. And MAYBE if we get bonuses this year I can get my digital SLR- the canon so that I can use the same lenses as my old canon, but still have the digital flexibility.

Ah, anyway. Any ideas for photo ops this weekend (I'll probably bring the Nikon point and click digital and the canon SLR)? I did a few years of animal pics (dogs, the zoo, etc), a series of wildflowers (although I'm always on the prowl for a good flower since I live in the subtropics), and I have great sailboats and lighthouses from Cascoe Bay (so I could in theory go to the Jupiter Lighthouse, I guess). But I want IDEAS! So, LJ- what should my new photo project for 1st quarter 2009 be???

Also, just for fun:

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