Jan. 27th, 2009

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My upper left arm and shoulder still hurt from the myoclonic seizures on Sunday night. Hu is wavering on whether I should go to a doctor (not a neuro) and get it x-rayed or otherwise scanned. In talking to one of my coworkers that I trust he says it sounds like I actually damaged my rotator cuff. I DAMAGED MY ROTATOR CUFF FROM A HO-HUM, NO BIG DEAL MYOCLONIC SEIZURE!!! If I have a rotator cuff injury I want to earn that damn thing from baseball or swimming or hockey or, hell, roughhousing- anything but a damn seizure. Epilepsy gets to mess with my brain, but I refuse to let it damage my body. NO!!! DO NOT WANT!!!

Anyone have some fun sports I can take up so I can say 'take that epilepsy if you're going to mess with my rotator cuff I'm going to fight back with some mean (fill in the blank hear)'. Rules are I can't scuba dive or fly an airplane (I can't get certified as an epileptic). And I guess my arm needs to start to heal before I do anything too shoulder intensive. Other than that I'm in. I'm leaning towards martial arts and speed cycling. Either way I can feel like I am kicking my own body's ass while still being in control. I already have a gym membership, so strength training won't be too hard.

Oh- and I want to jump out of an airplane just as my own little form of rebellion. If the scuba world says I can't scuba dive and I can't fly a plane, then I want to tandem sky dive before they ban too.

So give me some ideas here. I want more fight in my body than broken.


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