Jan. 21st, 2009

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I remember a night in college when I thought cold was the end of all being. I was at improv rehearse (yes- you rehearse the unrehearsed). The rational part of my brain knew it wasn't THAT cold. But I just couldn't get warm. So people kept giving me their coats. I think I wound up with eight coats piled up on top of me plus hats and gloves and scarves. And I was still cold. My teeth were chattering.

Every once in a while I feel almost that cold. Generally I am at home and I bundle under shirt and sweats and multiple layers of socks and blankets and bury my face so my breathing keeps me warm- the dogs help slightly since they are naturally warmer than I am. But I shouldn't be this cold in Florida.

Today I feel that cold. Granted- it is chilly out. Not for the Yanks reading this who would think that waking up to thirty seven degrees would be a blessing, but cold when it was in the seventies a few days before. But now I'm sitting at the office in a fuzzy sweater over another shirt, pants, socks, boots, scarf, and a heated cherry pit warmer on my lap (which I have to keep stopping to put my hands on to warm them enough to type)- and I'm still freezing.

I know this isn't rational. It is not this cold in the office. But my entire body aches I feel so cold. And all I want to do is curl up under a mountain of blankets and hope my teeth stop chattering. I want to feel warm again. I want to make this feeling stop. I am a mammal, not a reptile- damn it!


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